You’re a free spirit that doesn’t need or want taming. 

You know who your ideal client is and how you serve them but struggle with writing copy that inspires action, is fun to read and still resonates with your audience.

You find it easy to express yourself to your clients, to your friends, to your soul sisters, to whoever comes along.

But when it comes to writing it all down without blurring the lines between clarity and personality?

You fall short--

Being a free spirit, a creative, a visionary, a difference maker is not about doing what you can’t. It’s about focusing on what moves you and doing what you can.

The universe gave you your special gift, and if writing wasn’t in the plan? You compensate.

HELLO! />I'm Ashley Lashea

I use emotive storytelling to help photographers, coaches, artists, interior designers, and other creative entrepreneurs, craft unforgettable brand experiences. Helping you write content that stirs the imagination, creates exciting digital experiences and drives traffic and sales.

I help people like you...

Who knows what you want, who you serve and why you’re the best one to do it. Helping you connect the missing dots between your visions and the words that ooze positive vibes and attract those whom you are meant to serve.

I write copy that hugs you, that inspires you, that creates happiness and that allows the words to become your muse.

Most importantly, I write passion fueled copy that reflects your unique style.

Creating new and exciting worlds for your audience with content that speaks to the heart, enhances the customer experience and creates a path of least resistance.

If you know who your ideal client is and how you serve them but struggle with writing copy that’s fun to read and inspires action…

If you believe that you are only limited by your imagination

And... If you’re ready to free yourself of the burden of writing and spend more time gardening, traveling, reading, doing yoga, meditating or doing whatever you feel depending on the direction of the wind...
Then let's chat.